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Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70120 Vacuum Cleaner Review

This is a nice vacuum with lots of features. What you really need to look at is the automatic cord rewind. Great when it works, but it has a tendancy to pull the cord in when you're vacuuming making it hard to push. Then when you want the cord to go back it can be a pain especially after a few years when the springs and plastic catches wear out.


I know what you are saying "Uh dude, you haven't told me what I want to hear yet." and I'm sorry about that. We are primarily a review site and we must keep that in focus! As far as your precious information goes, well lets just say what is the best vacuum is in the pipeline to be delivered. I understand that doesn't satisfy everyone, but then again, what does satisfy everyone? Anyways, a little patience with us and our research and you will get what you need.

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