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Hey researchers, how are you doing on this beautiful summer day? Over here at Your Vacuum Guy we're doing quite good, largely thank you to the clearance kitchen appliances scavenging we have been able to squeeze in. Which as you probably know by now means that we will be releasing some more quality vacuum cleaner reviews and ratings soon, and most likely means that clearance kitchen appliances will be making an appearance before you know it. That is always good for us to start off the week with for you.

Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum, WindTunnel T-Series, UH70105 Vacuum Cleaner Review

I used to be able to recommend Hoover as the best vacuum cleaner around. Hands down if someone asked me what vacuum they should buy I could honestly look at them and say "Find a Hoover in your price range" and the issue was closed. They used to have a wide variety of vacuums for every type of home and each one was made at top quality. All of that has changed, they moved to Mexico for lower production costs but maintained their quality for a while, still not able to compete in the market...


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In closing I would like to note that once we've got things moving ahead on other subjects we will then move on to dirt devil hand held. So everyone knows that we have research and posts lined up for many months to come. I am sure something else will come up by the time we get through with dirt devil hand held and we will then move onto that. Until then, you have all been informed and know what we are working diligently to achieve over here!

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