Sanitaire Vacuums - Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

While Sanitaire is technically owned by the Electrolux brand right now they have it as a separate brand and so we will keep it that way to keep from confusing people.

The History of Sanitaire Commercial

Sanitaire Heavy Duty Commercial vacuum cleaners were first offered to consumers in the 1950s. Then, in 1972, Eureka (our parent company at the time) launched the Red Sanitaire products for commercial users after repeated requests from dealers. The commercial cleaning industry was still relatively small at the time as most hotels, businesses, schools and healthcare facilities were

Sanitaire commercial products helped the early commercial cleaners save time and money while giving them top cleaning performance and durability. Cleaning crews got more “mileage” out of these new commercial products because they were built to last. Some innovations made it possible to switch out parts, maintain the products without taking them in for service, and provide filtration and eliminate bags.

Sanitaire commercial vacuums and products have been serving commercial cleaners for over 35 years. These long-lasting vacuums are durable and service parts are readily available and cost efficient. Some professional cleaners have been using the same Sanitaire vacuum for 20 years.

In 1974, The Eureka Company was purchased by Household Appliance Manufacturer AB Electrolux. Electrolux knows the importance of creating hardworking products that end users find convenient and easy to use and, with the Sanitaire commercial line, Electrolux has created affordable and durable cleaners that live long and work hard.

The innovative history of Sanitaire Commercial:

1976 - Chrome Steel Round Brush Roll

1979 - Dirt Cup developed to replace filter bag

1982 - Quick-Kleen™ Fan Chamber

1986 - Micron Filtration available on Sanitaire

2000 - True HEPA Sealed filtration

2003 - Sanitaire line expands beyond vacuums

2006 - Contractor Series

2007 - Green Cleaning Line

2007 - DuraLux™ Two Motor Upright