Black and Decker Vacuums - Black and Decker Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Black & Decker is the go to company for handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners. With their years of experience in power tools they have great knowledge of battery design and small motor design, both essential to making a powerful and useful hand held vacuum cleaner.

The Black & Decker DustBuster is a cordless vacuum cleaner that was introduced in January, 1979.

It was invented by Mark Proett and developed by Black & Decker. Carroll Gantz, FIDSA, was Manager of the Black & Decker United States Consumer Power Tool Division’s Industrial Design Department at the time. Over a million Dustbusters were sold in its first year, four times that of the traditional hand-held vacuum market. It also came in 110 volts with an attachable hose and tools. The device used suction power to pick up fine dirt including pet hair. The product has been redesigned several times, and as of 2011 Black and Decker still used the name in its hand-held vacuum products. "Dustbuster" has become a genericized trademark for handheld vacuum cleaner in some parts of the world, due to its success as a design, and worldwide recognition.

Black & Decker offers a full line of cordless hand held vacuums for all your cleaning needs. From our lightweight models to our innovative pivoting vac, make cleaning up your home and car quick and easy with one of our cordless handheld vacuums.

Flexible and maneuverable, Black & Decker stick vacuums give you up to 18V of cordless cleaning power.