Miele Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, S2120 Olympus S2 Review

Suction Rating Capability Rating Price Rating Value Rating Over All Rating Generic Price Range*
10 10 6 8 8 $300-$350

My review and perspective on model: S2120 Olympus S2 vacuum cleaner

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Miele prides themselves on 0 dust emissions and high quality vacuums. I don't get many in my shop, I don't know if that's because of their "Premium" nature or simply because of price. I wouldn't think that it would be hugely effected by price they're in the same price range as Dyson's and I get a lot of Dyson's that come through my shop. So I conclude that it is due to their quality build low maintenance designs. The 0 dust emissions is great for allergy sufferers but quite frankly unnecessary for most everyone else.

Model: S2120 Olympus S2 Product Description

The Miele S2 Olympus S2120 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for low pile carpeting and hard surface flooring. It features a six-speed rotary dial power control that is easy to use. The accessory tools include a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool. 4.76 quart Hyclean dust bag provides additional filtration and features a self-closing collar that automatically seals the bag as soon as the dust compartment lid is opened Automatic cable rewind Stainless steel wand Safety shut-off to prevent overheating Manufacturer's 7-year suction motor, 7-year casing, & 1-year all non-wearing components warranty

The S2120 Olympus S2 is a Residential vacuum designed for use in the Residential environment. I have reviewed it accordingly, the price point of the S2120 Olympus S2 is set for the Residential industry which should be taken into consideration when purchasing or thinking about purchasing this vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be built to last longer and endure more abuse, but are more expensive and may be lacking some of the luxuries (such as light weight, or low noise) that you are accustomed to. On the contrary Residential vacuums are made at lower price points, lower quality, but are often lighter and quieter to use. Please feel free to add your own perspective of the Miele Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, S2120 Olympus S2 Review.

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