Rainbow Vacuum E-2 Type 12 2-Speed Vacuum Cleaner Review

Suction Rating Capability Rating Price Rating Value Rating Over All Rating Generic Price Range*
10 10 2 7 8 $1,700-$3,200

My review and perspective on model: E-2 vacuum cleaner

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Rainbow really revolutionized the vacuum industry, but I find myself wondering about their usefulness in todays market. First off let me say that the suction available on a Rainbow far, FAR, FAR!!! exceeds that of a Dyson, or even the Miele. These things clean very well and they do so for a very long time. They're easily maneuverable, and don't break down ever if properly cared for. It's the properly cared for part that can be the real catch though. Rainbow vacuum cleaners use a water filtration system. Long before HEPA filters came along Rainbow was producing 0 dirt emissions machines that made it easier to clean your home because they didn't put dust back on the ground after you picked it up. Now they've added HEPA filters to the mix also making for absolutely the cleanest vacuums around.

There truly is no comparison to the cleaning power of a Rainbow. The problem that most people have with Rainbow vacuums is also what makes them revolutionary. The water filtration system. The water filtration system ensures that no dust or dirt escapes during vacuuming, or the emptying of the dirt cup process. It traps the dust in water to keep it from floating off when you empty the dirt cup, and it doesn't use bags so there's no chance of a hole being ripped in the bag as you are trying to empty it either. The problem comes in the fact that they are a little bit of work to keep running. Unlike most vacuums you can't leave the dirt in a Rainbow for the next time you go to use it, you must empty the dirt cup within a reasonable amount of time after cleaning. A lot of people don't like the maintenance that goes with owning a Rainbow. But if you can live with a small amount of work to have the best, most powerful vacuum money can buy then the Rainbow E2 Vacuum cleaner system is THE choice for you!

Model: E-2 Product Description

Product Features

* Powerful "Hurricane" Motor with Two-Speed Power Control
* Adjustable Height Power Nozzle with Trigger Control
* Stainless Steel Wands
* HEPA Neutralizer Filtration
* Includes Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Floor and Wall Brush, Crevice Tool and Attachment Caddy

Product Description
If you've never used a Rainbow, you're in for a shock. With regular upright bag vacuums, dust particles escape through the pinpoint size holes in the bags. The water canister that sits under the Rainbow actually traps dirt, dust, etc. in the water as you vacuum. You actually see the water getting darker and darker. You can vacuum everyday with a regular bag vacuum cleaner and still not get your carpet as clean as you can with one pass of the Rainbow!

The E-2 is a Residential vacuum designed for use in the Residential environment. I have reviewed it accordingly, the price point of the E-2 is set for the Residential industry which should be taken into consideration when purchasing or thinking about purchasing this vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be built to last longer and endure more abuse, but are more expensive and may be lacking some of the luxuries (such as light weight, or low noise) that you are accustomed to. On the contrary Residential vacuums are made at lower price points, lower quality, but are often lighter and quieter to use. Please feel free to add your own perspective of the Rainbow Vacuum E-2 Type 12 2-Speed Vacuum Cleaner Review.

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