Oreck Quest Canister Vacuum Review

Suction Rating Capability Rating Price Rating Value Rating Over All Rating Generic Price Range*
9 8 9 9 9 $149.95 - $199.95

My review and perspective on model: Oreck Quest vacuum cleaner

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And we have another winner from Oreck. This little canister will be no surprise for owners of the renowned Oreck XL vacuum cleaner, but even if you've never owned an Oreck vacuum cleaner before, there is no better place to start. One of the few vacuum cleaner manufacturers located in America, Oreck shows off their skills and what they've learned from years of making one of America's favorite vacuum cleaners. At 15lbs this canister is almost twice the weight of the Oreck XL 2000 Upright, the extra weight comes with some noticeable advantages though. First off, being that this is a canister you aren't swinging that weight around every time you move the wand to reach around a corner, which is one reason why many people prefer a canister vacuum because it is lighter and easier to maneuver around furniture, and in tight spaces. The extra weight also comes with the advantage of a much larger motor than with the Oreck XL 2000 uprights.

Now for the nitty gritty. Some people will complain that the Oreck Quest does not have a HEPA filter built in, but honestly it won't make any difference unless you have extreme allergies from dust. Oreck's well sealed case, and adequate filtration means that you will actually experience less dust and dirt blowing out than most HEPA filtered machines. You can get Hypo-Allergenic filter bags for this vacuum as well, which to me are more effective than most HEPA filters that come with vacuum cleaners. In short, as long as you properly close your vacuum, and if you choose to use the Hypo-Allergenic bags you will get better results than most vacuum cleaners offer.

Another complaint that some might have is the length of the hose. The hose length means that you must stay within a few feet of the Oreck Quest in order to use it. This isn't terribly uncommon with canister vacuums, and definitely won't find any other canisters in this price range that have longer hoses, it's just something to be aware of. It does not have swivel wheels like the Miele Olympus Canister Vacuum, but many will find that the smaller swivel wheels dig into their carpet, or can scratch up hard wood floors. So I actually commend Oreck on using larger ruberized wheels that maneuver well on any surface without running the risk of tearing it up.

Model: Oreck Quest Product Description

Oreck Questâ„¢ Canister Vacuum is a versatile vac that cleans right where you need it. Incredibly powerful, yet supremely maneuverable, its compact size makes it perfect for smaller homes, apartments, and dorm rooms - or as an upstairs 2nd vac in a larger home.

The Oreck Quest is a Residential vacuum designed for use in the Residential environment. I have reviewed it accordingly, the price point of the Oreck Quest is set for the Residential industry which should be taken into consideration when purchasing or thinking about purchasing this vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be built to last longer and endure more abuse, but are more expensive and may be lacking some of the luxuries (such as light weight, or low noise) that you are accustomed to. On the contrary Residential vacuums are made at lower price points, lower quality, but are often lighter and quieter to use. Please feel free to add your own perspective of the Oreck Quest Canister Vacuum Review.

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