Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner Review

Suction Rating Capability Rating Price Rating Value Rating Over All Rating Generic Price Range*
10 10 9 10 10 $300

My review and perspective on model: Oreck Insight vacuum cleaner

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The Oreck Pilot is a relatively new, but great addition to the Oreck line. Based on the critically acclaimed and long loved Oreck XL 2000 Upright with a wider path, and a larger more powerful motor, the Oreck Insight will no doubt become a classic. Weighing in at only 9lbs it is still lighter than many vacuum cleaners on the market. Quality, made in America, construction and a 5 year warranty give you the peace of mind that this vacuum will be with you for years to come. A long 30 foot cord allows you to do all of your vacuuming without the need to unplug and replug your Oreck Insight Vacuum over and over again. Also check out my review of the Oreck Pilot, based on the same platform as the Insight the Pilot also features a swivel head to help maneuver around furniture and corners.

There are no bells and whistles with the Oreck Insight , which is unfortunate for many who would like to use hoses and attachments. However, this simplicity increases the reliability, and cannot really be considered a bad thing in this circumstance. Especially now that Oreck has given us the Oreck Quest Canister Vacuum and the Oreck Edge Cordless Handheld Vacuum one can hardly complain about lack of functionality from Oreck anymore.

A HEPA filtration bag lining the inside of the Oreck Insight will reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your home, great for allergy sufferers. In the long time that I have been in the vacuum cleaner industry my general standard for vacuum cleaner manufacturers has lowered in recent years. Every year vacuum cleaners come out with cheaper and cheaper designs, more gimmicks, but less actual substance or quality. The opposite is true for Oreck, I've always had an appreciation for the Oreck XL 2000 and it's place in the vacuum cleaner market, but now that Oreck has begun filling more segments of the market with their high quality vacuum cleaners I can truly say that I have become an Oreck fan.

Model: Oreck Insight Product Description

The XL Insight Upright from Oreck delivers tremendous cleaning performance while weighing only 9lbs!. It is so lightweight it makes cleaning seem effortless. It is incredibly powerful; 102 mph of direct suction airflow sends dirt directly into the bag. The 13 inch wide cleaning path and premium edge brushes make it easy to clean the floors quickly. The XL Insight has 2 speed control, the low speed is gentle for wood floors and delicate rugs, an d the high speed is designed for carpets. The XL Insight is built to last with a 5 year warranty. A HEPA inner bag is installed. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag it captures at least 99.97% of particles at .3 microns from that air, which includes the following: pollen, house dust, smoke, animal dander, mold spores. 30 foot cord.

Product Features

*Two speeds - High speed cleans carpet while low speed is good for bare floors
*Lightweight and powerful - 102 MPH airflow
*Low profile design for vacuuming under furniture
*Powerful pile-lifting roller brush for cleaning dirt

The Oreck Insight is a Commercial / Residential vacuum designed for use in the Commercial / Residential environment. I have reviewed it accordingly, the price point of the Oreck Insight is set for the Commercial / Residential industry which should be taken into consideration when purchasing or thinking about purchasing this vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be built to last longer and endure more abuse, but are more expensive and may be lacking some of the luxuries (such as light weight, or low noise) that you are accustomed to. On the contrary Residential vacuums are made at lower price points, lower quality, but are often lighter and quieter to use. Please feel free to add your own perspective of the Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner Review.

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