Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

Suction Rating Capability Rating Price Rating Value Rating Over All Rating Generic Price Range*
5 3 7 3 4 $300

My review and perspective on model: DC35 vacuum cleaner

This is the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review please check the reviews page for a comparison of other vacuum cleaners.

When I look at this machine one word comes to mind... why? What in the world could you be doing that would warrant the use of this machine? If you can answer that question then there is nothing I can say that will stop you from purchasing it.

It's just as expensive as an Oreck Insight but it's battery powered to limit your running time, add extra weight, and reduce engine power. So I ask you again why? The cleaning path is tiny, it looks like a weed eater, and is just as uncomfortable to use. There is no "on" button (it is trigger operated and you must hold it down the entire running time), I assume this is designed as a feature for those vacuuming their ceilings so that they don't have to worry about turning the vacuum off when they suck up their blinds, just let go and it turns off... but if you want to vacuum the floor, this is the wrong vacuum cleaner for anyone.

Model: DC35 Product Description

Detachable long reach wand Lightweight aluminum wand reaches high, low, and into awkward gaps.

Product Features

*Features: Rechargable, Brush On/Off Switch, Rechargeable Battery, Cordless, Converts to Handheld, Motorized Brush Roll, Easy Empty Dirt Container, Multi-Cyclonic, Non-Stop Suction, Edge Cleaning
*Includes: Owner's Manual, Crevice Tool
*Recommended Surface Application: Multi-Surface
*Filter Type: Standard
*Capacity (volume): 0.09 Gal.
*Cleaning Path Width: 8.5 "
*Vacuum Attachments: Crevice Tool
*Hose Length: 26 "
*Amperage Required: 22.2 V
*Power Source: Battery-Powered
*Dimensions: 44.1 " H x 11.8 " W x 9.1 " D
*Weight: 4.96 Lb.
*Warranty Description: 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

The DC35 is a Residential vacuum designed for use in the Residential environment. I have reviewed it accordingly, the price point of the DC35 is set for the Residential industry which should be taken into consideration when purchasing or thinking about purchasing this vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be built to last longer and endure more abuse, but are more expensive and may be lacking some of the luxuries (such as light weight, or low noise) that you are accustomed to. On the contrary Residential vacuums are made at lower price points, lower quality, but are often lighter and quieter to use. Please feel free to add your own perspective of the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review.

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